AQW 22982/11-15

Mr David McNarry
UK Independence Party

Tabled Date: 13/05/2013
Answered On Date: 22/05/2013
Priority Written: No

To ask the Minister of Finance and Personnel how many civil servants are paid over (i) £50,000; (ii) £75,000; (iii) £100,000; (iv) £125,000; and (v) £150,000 per annum.

Revised Answer:
I replied on 20 May 2013 to your AQW 22982/11-15 in respect of the number of civil servants earning over £50,000, £75,000, £100,000, £125,000, and £150,000 per annum.
My response provided information based on figures provided by NISRA as at 1 April 2012. However, since my reply to you it has been discovered that the figures provided were incorrect and there are no Northern Ireland Civil Servants earning more than £150,000 per annum. The correct figures are set out below –
838 Northern Ireland Civil Servants are paid over £50,000 per annum of which;
78 are paid over £75,000 per annum;
15 are paid over £100,000 per annum;
2 are paid over £125,000 per annum; and
0 are paid over £150,000 per annum.
This was inadvertent and I apologise for the error and any confusion it may have caused. I have copied this letter to the Speaker and all MLAs. A copy has also been placed in the Assembly library.