AQW 39016/11-15

Mr Chris Lyttle
Alliance Party
East Belfast

Tabled Date: 19/11/2014
Answered On Date: 03/12/2014
Priority Written: No

To ask the Minister for Regional Development why it is necessary for his Department to retain ownership of the Corporation Street Car Park for the development of the York Street Interchange; and whether the 124 car park spaces will be retained as part of this development.

Corporation Street car park is being retained as the land is required to facilitate the construction of the York Street Interchange Scheme, which is at an advanced stage of development. It is expected that the vesting of land for the project will commence early in 2015.
However, my Department will be making temporary arrangements that will allow Belfast City Council to operate the car park until it is required for the scheme. Upon completion of the scheme, any surplus area will be reviewed and, if considered viable, will be offered to Belfast City Council for car parking purposes.