AQW 62/17-22

Mr Jim Allister
Traditional Unionist Voice
North Antrim

Tabled Date: 06/11/2017
Answered On Date: 09/11/2017
Priority Written: Yes

To ask the Assembly Commission pursuant to AQW 38/17-22, when did the recently retired Principal Deputy Speaker receive her Resettlement Allowance.

Paragraph 28(4) of the Assembly Members (Salaries and Expenses) Determination (Northern Ireland) 2016 places an obligation on a former Member to make all arrangements necessary to wind up the individual’s affairs as a Member prior to receiving a resettlement allowance. Paragraph 21(2)(b) specifies that winding up expenses can be claimed during the three months starting with the date the person ceased to be a Member.
For those Members, including the former Principal Deputy Speaker, who stood down at dissolution of the Assembly on 25 January 2017, the winding up period ended on 25 April 2017. The resettlement payment for the former Principal Deputy Speaker was made in June 2017.