AQW 25216/11-15

Mr Daithí McKay
Sinn Féin
North Antrim

Tabled Date: 03/09/2013
Answered On Date: 16/09/2013
Priority Written: No

To ask the Minister for Regional Development whether he intends to introduce tougher penalties for drivers who park in cycle lanes.

In July last year, I increased the amount of a Penalty Charge Notice from £60 to £90 for all parking contraventions. My officials are currently reviewing the impact of that increase.
Mandatory cycle lanes are bounded by a solid white line and all other vehicles are excluded from entering them. A Traffic Regulation Order is needed to introduce mandatory cycle lanes and a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued if a vehicle is found parked in one. Mandatory cycle lanes are only used where it is reasonable to exclude all other traffic, for example, where there is no frontage development, no need to park, and where there is an adequate carriageway width.
Advisory cycle lanes are bounded by a broken white line and signify that other vehicles should not enter unless it is safe to do so. These can be provided without the need for an Order. The vast majority of cycle lanes here are advisory and unless there are other parking restrictions such as clearway regulations, a Penalty Charge Notice cannot be issued to a vehicle found parked within one of these lanes.