AQW 34316/11-15

Mr Robin Swann
Ulster Unionist Party
North Antrim

Tabled Date: 16/06/2014
Answered On Date: 30/06/2014
Priority Written: No

To ask the Minister for Regional Development for an update on the walkway and cycle path from Bushmills to the Aird.

The Member will be aware this is a very extensive scheme proposal that will provide a footpath/cycle path extending for approximately 3.5km from Bushmills to The Aird. However, given the potentially high costs involved, any scheme delivery will need to be carried out in stages.
My officials are currently developing the stage proposal from The Aird to The Causeway, which is significant stretching for approximately 1.5km. The scheme will require the acquisition of a large tract of land. My officials have already met with one of the principal landowners, The National Trust, and will be arranging to meet with other landowners over the coming months.
Subject to the availability of funding and successful acquisition of the necessary land, I am hopeful this scheme will be able to be considered for inclusion in a works programme in the near future.