Accelerated Passage: Assembly Members (Reduction of Numbers) Bill (NIA Bill 76/11-16)

Accelerated Passage: Assembly Members (Reduction of Numbers) Bill (NIA Bill 76/11-16)
That the Assembly Members (Reduction of Numbers) Bill (NIA Bill 76/11-16) proceed under the accelerated passage procedure.
Executive Motion
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87 Members voted, of which 72 voted AYE [82.8%]

35 Nationalists voted, of which 35 voted AYE [100%]

44 Unionists voted, of which 30 voted AYE [68.2%]

8 Others voted, of which 7 voted AYE [87.5%]

The Motion Was Carried By Cross Community Consent, Cross-Community Lobby Division

MLA NameDesignationVoted
Mr Steven Agnew OtherNO
Mr Andy Allen MBE UnionistNO
Mr Jim Allister KC UnionistNO
Mr Sydney Anderson UnionistAYE
Mr Alex Attwood NationalistAYE
Mr Roy Beggs UnionistNO
Mr Cathal Boylan NationalistAYE
Ms Paula Bradley UnionistAYE
Mrs Pam Cameron UnionistAYE
Mr Gregory Campbell UnionistAYE
Mr Trevor Clarke UnionistAYE
Mrs Judith Cochrane OtherAYE
Mr Adrian Cochrane-Watson UnionistNO
Mr Jonathan Craig UnionistAYE
Mr Leslie Cree MBE UnionistNO
Mr John Dallat NationalistAYE
Mr Stewart Dickson OtherAYE
Mr Gerard Diver NationalistAYE
Mrs Jo-Anne Dobson UnionistNO
Mr Sammy Douglas MBE, MCA UnionistAYE
Mr Gordon Dunne UnionistAYE
Mr Alex Easton UnionistAYE
Mr Colum Eastwood NationalistAYE
Mr David Ford OtherAYE
Mrs Arlene Foster UnionistAYE
Mr Paul Frew UnionistAYE
Mr Samuel Gardiner MBE UnionistNO
Mr Paul Girvan UnionistAYE
Mr Paul Givan UnionistAYE
Mr Simon Hamilton UnionistAYE
Ms Claire Hanna NationalistAYE
Mr Chris Hazzard NationalistAYE
Mr David Hilditch UnionistAYE
Mr William Humphrey UnionistAYE
Mr Ross Hussey UnionistNO
Mr William Irwin UnionistAYE
Mr Gerry Kelly NationalistAYE
Mr Danny Kennedy UnionistNO
Ms Anna Lo MBE OtherAYE
Mr Trevor Lunn OtherAYE
Mr Seán Lynch NationalistAYE
Mr Gordon Lyons UnionistAYE
Mr Chris Lyttle OtherAYE
Mr Declan McAleer NationalistAYE
Mr John McCallister UnionistNO
Mr Fra McCann NationalistAYE
Ms Jennifer McCann NationalistAYE
Mr Kieran McCarthy OtherAYE
Mr Raymond McCartney NationalistAYE
Mr Nelson McCausland UnionistAYE
Ms Rosaleen McCorley NationalistAYE
Mr Basil McCrea UnionistNO
Mr Ian McCrea UnionistAYE
Mr Daniel McCrossan NationalistAYE
Mr Barry McElduff NationalistAYE
Ms Bronwyn McGahan NationalistAYE
Mr Michael McGimpsey UnionistNO
Mr Patsy McGlone NationalistAYE
Mr Martin McGuinness NationalistAYE
Mr David McIlveen UnionistAYE
Miss Michelle McIlveen UnionistAYE
Mr Daithí McKay NationalistAYE
Mrs Karen McKevitt NationalistAYE
Mr Fearghal McKinney NationalistAYE
Ms Maeve McLaughlin NationalistAYE
Mr Oliver McMullan NationalistAYE
Mr Adrian McQuillan UnionistAYE
Mr Alban Maginness NationalistAYE
Mr Alex Maskey NationalistAYE
Mr Ian Milne NationalistAYE
Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley UnionistAYE
Mr Conor Murphy NationalistAYE
Mr Mike Nesbitt UnionistNO
Mr Robin Newton UnionistAYE
Ms Carál Ní Chuilín NationalistAYE
Mr Cathal Ó hOisín NationalistAYE
Mr Máirtín Ó Muilleoir NationalistAYE
Mr John O'Dowd NationalistAYE
Ms Michelle O'Neill NationalistAYE
Mrs Emma Pengelly UnionistAYE
Mr Edwin Poots UnionistAYE
Mr Seán Rogers NationalistAYE
Mr Alastair Ross UnionistAYE
Mr Pat Sheehan NationalistAYE
Mr Mervyn Storey UnionistAYE
Ms Claire Sugden UnionistNO
Mr Peter Weir UnionistAYE

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