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Private Members' Motion Maternity Strategy

That this Assembly calls on the Department of Health to conduct a review of maternity services to produce a new maternity strategy that should explore models that support continuity of care across antenatal, birth, and postnatal services for women; and calls for a joined-up and integrated approach with other public health strategies to ensure the Department of Health is working together with its partners to improve outcomes for women and their babies.
10/10/2019Ms K Armstrong; Ms P Bradshaw
Private Members' Motion Centenary of the Establishment of Northern Ireland

That this Assembly instructs the Speaker to invite Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to visit Parliament Buildings and address the Assembly to mark the centenary of the establishment of Northern Ireland and the first sitting of the Northern Ireland Parliament.
11/01/2020Mr J Allister; Mr J Wells; Dr S Aiken; Mr R Beggs; Mr A Chambers; Mrs R Barton
Private Members' Motion Climate Emergency

That this Assembly notes with concern the lack of action to address the climate emergency in Northern Ireland; further notes the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on the impacts of climate breakdown; and calls on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to declare an immediate climate emergency with the intent to produce a detailed climate action plan for Northern Ireland
14/01/2020Miss R Woods; Ms C Bailey
Private Members' Motion Withdrawal from the EU

That this Assembly notes the concerns raised by cross-sectoral business leaders on potential barriers to trade and costs to consumers in Northern Ireland arising from the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill 2019-20 (the Bill); further notes the cross-party support for amendments to the Bill arising from those concerns; and calls on the UK Government, in pursuance of Article 6.2 of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland (the Protocol), to ensure unfettered access to Great Britain for businesses in Northern Ireland without tariffs, origin requirements, regulatory controls, dual authorisations or discrimination in the market, to ensure that enough time is provided for scrutiny by the Northern Ireland Assembly of any legislative text, including Statutory Instruments, that is intended to put this commitment into legislation, to publish an assessment at least every 12 months of the economic impact on businesses and consumers arising from the Protocol, which must include an analysis of the impact of any actual or proposed regulatory or trade policy divergence from EU law and regulations on Northern Ireland's position in the UK internal market, to publish an assessment at least every 12 months of the environmental impact arising from any divergence from EU law and regulations, to develop a mitigation package of funding and regulations to enable Northern Ireland consumers and businesses to negate the detrimental effects arising from the Protocol, and to ensure any future trade agreement has the support of the devolved administrations through a Legislative Consent Motion.
17/01/2020Mr M O'Toole; Ms S McLaughlin; Ms K Armstrong; Ms C Bailey; Miss R Woods; Dr S Aiken
Private Members' Motion Childcare for All

That this Assembly recognises the detrimental impact of expensive childcare costs for many parents, a problem deepened by the lack of public childcare facilities; calls for the immediate extension locally of the 30 hour free childcare provisions provided for preschool children in England, in a way which understands and addresses the flexibility required by parents and carers here; and further calls on the Minister for Education, alongside the Executive, to develop a review into the creation of a publicly owned national childcare agency aimed at ensuring free childcare for all who need it.
20/01/2020Mr G Carroll
Private Members' Motion Corporation Tax

This Assembly believes that a reduction in the rate of corporation tax will have a negative impact on public finances by removing funds from the block grant and further facilitating race to the bottom style economics; and opposes any attempts to lower the rate of corporation tax.
20/01/2020Mr G Carroll
Private Members' Motion NICE Guidance on Fertility

That this Assembly recognises the serious emotional distress felt by those experiencing fertility problems in our society; notes that the Department of Health has endorsed the 2013 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Clinical Guideline on Fertility (CG156); commends the efforts of those campaigning for the full implementation of NICE guidance on in vitro fertilisation (IVF); welcomes the commitment within New Decade, New Approach to make three cycles of IVF treatment available on the NHS; and calls on the Minister of Health to implement fully, as a matter of urgency, the NICE guidance on fertility including making three cycles of IVF available as committed to in New Decade, New Approach.
20/01/2020Ms K Mullan; Mr C Gildernew
Private Members' Motion Outsourcing of Benefits Systems

That this Assembly notes the widespread condemnation of the process of assessing Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment claims; further notes the many issues highlighted by people who have gone through the process or who work to assist claimants; recognises that this process is carried out by private, outsourced organisations such as Capita and Atos, who should have no role in the assessment process; and calls on the Minister for Communities to bring these services fully in house and under public control.
20/01/2020Mr G Carroll
Private Members' Motion Period Poverty

That this Assembly notes with concern the growing problem of period poverty; further notes that studies show that one in ten teenage girls has, at some point, been unable to afford sanitary products, and that people with medical conditions or naturally occurring heavier periods are at greater risk; acknowledges that the central cause is the wider societal issue of poverty; recognises the United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 33/10 which states that sanitation is essential for the full enjoyment of the right to life and all other human rights; and resolves to ensure that free sanitary items are available in all government and public buildings, in order to alleviate the burden on women who struggle month to month.
20/01/2020Mr G Carroll
Private Members' Motion Tuition Fees

That this Assembly recognises the important contribution higher education institutions make to the local economy; believes that a strong education system that is accessible, properly funded and lifelong is key to addressing major issues within the local economy; notes that there is a mental health crisis amongst students, with 78 per cent of students having mental health worries at university or college; further notes that according to a NUS-USI mental health survey financial concerns are one of the major drivers behind poor mental health amongst students with 70 per cent worried about future levels of debt; and calls on the Minister for the Economy to listen to the demand of representative bodies of students and academic staff and rule out increasing tuition fees and plunging students further into debt.
20/01/2020Mr G Carroll
Private Members' Motion World Cancer Day 2020

That this Assembly recognises that cancer is Northern Ireland’s number one killer; further recognises that health care staff in Northern Ireland work extremely hard to support cancer patients throughout their journey; recognises the work undertaken on a new cancer strategy for Northern Ireland; looks forward to the implementation of the strategy recommendations; and supports World Cancer Day 2020.
20/01/2020Ms P Bradshaw; Mr A Muir
Private Members' Motion Independent Review of Education

That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Education to implement urgently the New Decade, New Approach commitment to establish an external, independent review of education provision with a focus on greater efficiency in delivery costs, raising standards, access to the curriculum for all pupils, and an inclusive single education system.
21/01/2020Mr C Lyttle; Ms K Armstrong

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