Ending the Separation of Paramilitary Prisoners at HMP Maghaberry

Ending the Separation of Paramilitary Prisoners at HMP Maghaberry
That this Assembly notes that HMP Maghaberry is unique in the British Isles and much of Europe for the challenges it faces as a result of housing prisoners with such opposing political and ideological views, and criminal backgrounds; further notes the continuing implementation of a flawed decision, taken in 2003, to separate paramilitary prisoners, and the impact that this is having on the operation of the prison and on the morale of public servants who live with its consequences; believes that the prison should gradually revert back to its integrationist policy and that this should be reflected in the Executive’s Action Plan on Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality, and Organised Crime; and calls on the Minister of Justice to put in place the framework to ensure that, by 2021, there are no new admissions to separate paramilitary wings and that by 2026 there is a fully-integrated prison regime.
Private Members' Motion
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65 Members voted

50 Members voted AYE

15 Members voted NO

30 Members voted in both lobbies and are not included in these results

The Motion Was Carried, Simple Majority Lobby Division

MLA NameDesignationVoted
Mr Steven Agnew OtherAYE
Dr Steve Aiken OBE UnionistNO
Mr Jim Allister KC UnionistNO
Mr Sydney Anderson UnionistABSTAINED
Dr Caoimhe Archibald NationalistAYE
Ms Kellie Armstrong OtherAYE
Mr Alex Attwood NationalistAYE
Ms Clare Bailey OtherAYE
Mrs Rosemary Barton UnionistNO
Mr Doug Beattie MC UnionistNO
Mr Roy Beggs UnionistNO
Mr Cathal Boylan NationalistAYE
Ms Michaela Boyle NationalistAYE
Mr Maurice Bradley UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Paula Bradley UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Sinéad Bradley NationalistAYE
Ms Paula Bradshaw OtherAYE
Mr Keith Buchanan UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Tom Buchanan UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Joanne Bunting UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Robbie Butler UnionistNO
Mrs Pam Cameron UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Gerry Carroll OtherAYE
Mr Alan Chambers UnionistNO
Mr Trevor Clarke UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Stewart Dickson OtherAYE
Mrs Linda Dillon NationalistAYE
Mrs Jo-Anne Dobson UnionistNO
Mr Sammy Douglas MBE, MCA UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Gordon Dunne UnionistAYE
Mr Mark Durkan NationalistAYE
Mr Alex Easton UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Colum Eastwood NationalistAYE
Dr Stephen Farry OtherAYE
Ms Megan Fearon NationalistAYE
Mr David Ford OtherAYE
Mr Paul Frew UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Michelle Gildernew NationalistAYE
Mr Paul Girvan UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Paul Givan UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Simon Hamilton UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Claire Hanna NationalistAYE
Mr Chris Hazzard NationalistAYE
Mr William Humphrey UnionistABSTAINED
Mr William Irwin UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Declan Kearney NationalistAYE
Mr Gerry Kelly NationalistAYE
Mr Danny Kennedy UnionistNO
Mrs Emma Little-Pengelly UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Carla Lockhart UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Phillip Logan UnionistABSTAINED
Mrs Naomi Long OtherAYE
Mr Trevor Lunn OtherAYE
Mr Seán Lynch NationalistAYE
Mr Gordon Lyons UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Chris Lyttle OtherAYE
Mr Declan McAleer NationalistAYE
Mr Eamonn McCann OtherAYE
Mr Fra McCann NationalistAYE
Ms Jennifer McCann NationalistAYE
Mr Raymond McCartney NationalistAYE
Mr Nelson McCausland UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Daniel McCrossan NationalistAYE
Mr Barry McElduff NationalistAYE
Mr Patsy McGlone NationalistAYE
Mr Colin McGrath NationalistAYE
Mr Philip McGuigan NationalistAYE
Miss Michelle McIlveen UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Harold McKee UnionistNO
Mr Oliver McMullan NationalistAYE
Mr Justin McNulty NationalistAYE
Ms Nichola Mallon NationalistAYE
Mr Alex Maskey NationalistAYE
Mr Gary Middleton UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Ian Milne NationalistAYE
Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Gerry Mullan NationalistAYE
Mr Conor Murphy NationalistAYE
Mr Mike Nesbitt UnionistNO
Ms Carál Ní Chuilín NationalistAYE
Mr John O'Dowd NationalistAYE
Ms Michelle O'Neill NationalistAYE
Mrs Sandra Overend UnionistNO
Mrs Jenny Palmer UnionistNO
Mr Edwin Poots UnionistABSTAINED
Mr George Robinson MBE UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Alastair Ross UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Catherine Seeley NationalistAYE
Mr Pat Sheehan NationalistAYE
Mr Philip Smith UnionistNO
Mr Christopher Stalford UnionistABSTAINED
Mr Mervyn Storey UnionistABSTAINED
Ms Claire Sugden UnionistAYE
Mr Robin Swann UnionistNO
Mr Peter Weir UnionistABSTAINED

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