Today's Business

Friday 19 April 2024

* Committee Business relates to non-substantive items of business such as the consideration of minutes of the previous meeting and consideration of correspondence or matters arising from previous meetings
Wednesday 21 February 2024
10:00 AMRoom 29Committee for Infrastructure

Public from 10:00 AM (13 mins)
Committee Business

Public from 10:13 AM (85 mins)
Evidence Session - Northern Ireland Water - Overview of the role and functions of Northern Ireland Water, including Annual Report, Accounts and Business Plan
• Dr Sara Venning, Northern Ireland Water
• Mr Ronan Larkin, Northern Ireland Water
• Mr Anthony Lynn, Northern Ireland Water

Public from 11:38 AM (7 mins)
Written Briefing - Northern Ireland Assembly EU Affairs Manager - EU Exit, Windsor Framework & Protocol Issues

Public from 11:45 AM (19 mins)
SL1 - The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2024

Subordinate Legislation - SL1s - Not Subject to Assembly Proceedings

Subordinate Legislation - SRs - Not Subject to Assembly Proceedings

Committee Business
10:01 AMRoom 21Committee on Standards and Privileges

Closed from 10:01 AM (7 mins)
Committee Business

Closed from 10:08 AM (20 mins)
Committee Procedures

Closed from 10:28 AM (6 mins)
Ethical Standards System in NI Assembly

Closed from 10:34 AM (5 mins)
Role and Remit of Standards and Privileges Committee

Closed from 10:39 AM (18 mins)
Procedural fairness in Standards and Privileges Committee context (Briefing by Assembly Legal Services)
• Mr Simon Kelly, Legal Advisor

Closed from 10:57 AM (21 mins)
Role and functions of the Commissioner for Standards
• Dr Melissa McCullough, Northern Ireland Assembly Commissioner for Standards

Closed from 11:18 AM (1 mins)
Disclosure procedures in respect of complaints

Closed from 11:19 AM (6 mins)
Development programme on adjudication role

Closed from 11:25 AM (1 mins)
Draft Induction Plan and arrangements for Strategic Planning

Closed from 11:26 AM (4 mins)
Proposals for new APGs

Closed from 11:30 AM (1 mins)
Committee Business
10:02 AMRoom 30Committee for the Economy

Closed from 10:02 AM (1 mins)
Examiner of Statutory Rules

Public from 10:03 AM (45 mins)
Committee Business

NIA EU Affairs Manager - Introductory briefing
• Ms Jessica Jacques, Assistant Assembly Clerk / Office Manager
• Ms Shauna Mageean, EU Affairs Manager

Public from 10:48 AM (80 mins)
Department for the Economy - First Day Brief - Oral briefing from the Department for the Economy
• Ms Moira Doherty, DfE
• Mr Shane Murphy, DfE

Public from 12:08 PM (6 mins)
Committee Business
2:00 PMRoom 30Committee for The Executive Office

Public from 2:00 PM (5 mins)
Committee Business

Public from 2:05 PM (55 mins)
Oral Evidence Session - Head of NI Civil Service
• Ms Jayne Brady, TEO
• Mr Gareth Johnston, TEO
• Mr Chris Stewart, TEO

Public from 3:00 PM (45 mins)
Oral Briefing - Research and Information Services
• Mr Stephen Orme, Research Officer

Public from 3:45 PM (15 mins)
SR 2023/197 - The Fair Employment (Specification of Public Authorities) (Amendment) Order (NI) 2023

Public from 4:00 PM (10 mins)
Committee Business
2:03 PMRoom 29Committee for Education

Public from 2:03 PM (5 mins)
Committee Business

Closed from 2:09 PM (3 mins)
Treatment of Subordinate Legislation
• Miss Angela Kelly, Examiner of Statutory Rules
• Ms Angela Kelly, Northern Ireland Assembly

Public from 2:12 PM (1 mins)
SR2023/131 Teachers' Pension Scheme (Remedial Service) Regs (NI) 2023

Public from 2:13 PM (9 mins)
SR2023/122 Curriculum (Circumstances in which a pupil may be excused from Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Education) Regs (NI) 2023

Public from 2:23 PM (10 mins)
Committee Business - Correspondence

Public from 2:34 PM (93 mins)
Briefing with the NI Teaching Council
• Ms Jacquie White, Ulster Teachers' Union
• Mr Mark McTaggart, Irish National Teachers' Organisation
• Ms Maxine Murphy Higgins, National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers
• Dr Graham Gault, National Association of Head Teachers
• Mr Mark Langhammer, National Education Union

Public from 4:15 PM (75 mins)
Overview of Department of Education Priorities
• Dr Mark Browne, DE
• Mr Ronnie Armour, DE
• Mrs Linsey Farrell, DE

Public from 5:30 PM (7 mins)
Committee Business
2:05 PMRoom 21Committee for Finance

Public from 2:05 PM (18 mins)
Committee Business

Public from 2:23 PM (5 mins)
Legacy Report - Committee for Finance Legacy Report 2017-22

Public from 2:28 PM (31 mins)
Rating - Regional Rates Order - Oral briefing from the Department
• Andrew McAvoy, DoF

Suspension from 2:59 PM (7 mins)

Public from 3:06 PM (79 mins)
Department of Finance - First Day Brief - Chief Executive Construction & Procurement Delivery and Director of Digital Security & Finance Shared Services – Oral briefing from the Department
• Sharon Smyth, DoF
• Paul Duffy, DoF

Public from 4:25 PM (7 mins)
Committee Business

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