details.aspx Motion: Election of Speaker Nomination 1 - Mr Mike Nesbitt


Election of Speaker Nomination 1 - Mr Mike Nesbitt

Election of Speaker Nomination 1 - Mr Mike Nesbitt
Mr Mike Nesbitt Proposed by: John Stewart Seconded by: Robbie Butler
Private Members' Motion
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52 Members voted, of which 26 voted AYE [50%]

0 Nationalists voted, of which 0 voted AYE [0%]

34 Unionists voted, of which 8 voted AYE [23.5%]

18 Others voted, of which 18 voted AYE [100%]

8 Members voted in both lobbies and are not included in these results

The Motion Was Negatived, Cross-Community Lobby Division

MLA NameDesignationVoted
Dr Steve Aiken OBE UnionistAYE
Mr Andy Allen MBE UnionistAYE
Mr Jim Allister KC UnionistNO
Ms Kellie Armstrong OtherAYE
Mr Doug Beattie MC UnionistAYE
Mr John Blair OtherAYE
Mr Maurice Bradley UnionistNO
Ms Paula Bradshaw OtherAYE
Mr Phillip Brett UnionistNO
Mr David Brooks UnionistNO
Ms Cheryl Brownlee UnionistNO
Mr Patrick Brown OtherAYE
Mr Keith Buchanan UnionistNO
Mr Tom Buchanan UnionistNO
Mr Jonathan Buckley UnionistNO
Ms Joanne Bunting UnionistNO
Mr Robbie Butler UnionistAYE
Mrs Pam Cameron UnionistNO
Mr Gerry Carroll OtherAYE
Mr Trevor Clarke UnionistNO
Mr Stewart Dickson OtherAYE
Mrs Diane Dodds UnionistNO
Mr Danny Donnelly OtherAYE
Mr Stephen Dunne UnionistNO
Mr Mark Durkan NationalistABSTAINED
Ms Sorcha Eastwood OtherAYE
Ms Connie Egan OtherAYE
Mr Tom Elliott UnionistAYE
Mrs Deborah Erskine UnionistNO
Ms Diane Forsythe UnionistNO
Mr Paul Frew UnionistNO
Mr Paul Givan UnionistNO
Mr Harry Harvey UnionistNO
Mr David Honeyford OtherAYE
Ms Cara Hunter NationalistABSTAINED
Mr William Irwin UnionistNO
Mr Brian Kingston UnionistNO
Mrs Emma Little-Pengelly UnionistNO
Mrs Naomi Long OtherAYE
Mr Gordon Lyons UnionistNO
Miss Nuala McAllister OtherAYE
Mr Daniel McCrossan NationalistABSTAINED
Mr Patsy McGlone NationalistABSTAINED
Mr Colin McGrath NationalistABSTAINED
Miss Michelle McIlveen UnionistNO
Ms Sinéad McLaughlin NationalistABSTAINED
Mr Justin McNulty NationalistABSTAINED
Mr Peter McReynolds OtherAYE
Mr Nick Mathison OtherAYE
Mr Gary Middleton UnionistNO
Mr Andrew Muir OtherAYE
Ms Sian Mulholland OtherAYE
Mr Mike Nesbitt UnionistAYE
Ms Kate Nicholl OtherAYE
Mr Matthew O'Toole NationalistABSTAINED
Mr Edwin Poots UnionistNO
Mr Alan Robinson UnionistNO
Mr John Stewart UnionistAYE
Mr Robin Swann UnionistAYE
Mr Eóin Tennyson OtherAYE

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